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Production is Expanding

Lar expands its production with a highly automated assembly line for sports bottles. Unprecedented high productivity to advanced devices and technologies.



Lar innovates with a highly advanced optical production line dedicated to the production of special sunglasses made in a protected environment.



Plant structure with the comb layout technique. Low consumtion rate. Trigeneration system. Product Work Flow.


Eco JerryLar is born

Thanks to the research and development of new processes, The First environmentally friendly Tank was born.


Innovation and Future

from the lar laboratories, now in Campogalliano (Modena), Grassfree, Safe, Easypour are born … tastes of innovation and the future in the european packaging industry. 


the industrial turning point

A new generation of shareholders, a new factory and an industrial relaunch plan that restore value to our history.


Tradition and Innovation

In Formigine over more than seventy years of history we have expanded our product range.


and … mo And mo Moplen

Gino Bramieri in the famous Moplen spot.


Moplen is born

In Formigine the turning point, the Modern era is written:
The Nobel Prize Giulio Natta in the LAR laboratories manages to apply the formula of polypropylene for the first time in the world … and here the
Moplen is born.


the beginnings

After the war, the headquarters moved from Lombardy to Formigine. The slogan reads: “buy Lar  glasses that humiliate the sun”. A very high quality product with an intriguing design that becomes a generational symbol.


the origins

Lar Spa was born in Milan in 1939 as the first Itlaian company processing and trasformation of thermoplastic resins. A few years later Lar is already a top-flight reality in the industrial panorama of post war Italy.

Lar Spa
Via Reggio 1 bis
41011 Campogalliano (MO)
Tel: +39 059 446911
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